Rug Care

Each piece is made by hand and should be treated with care! Choose a low traffic area to display rugs, choose a table or shelf or hang on a wall. Our rugs are best kept indoors and in low traffic areas. Or as a wall hanging. I wouldn’t recommend walking on the rugs with shoes.

Cut pile rugs: cut pile carpets can shed fibers for up to a year. And may require frequent vacuuming. Loose yarns can be pulled out or trimmed as needed.

It is best to spot clean your rug with a damp cloth and mild detergent if necessary. Please do not put your rug in the washer machine!

Fuzzies are common with acrylic yarn, I would use a lint roller and handheld vacuum to clean them up.

If your rug is curved from being rolled up during shipping, you can place a damp towel over the back and run an iron over the back to help flatten it out.